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Solutions Architect RITM1210110

By . June 13, 2024
Job title:Solutions Architect RITM1210110
Job type:Contract
Emp type:Full-time
Pay interval:Daily
Pay rate:GBP £650.0
Location: South Wales
Job published: 13/06/2024
Job ID: 81993

Job Description

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ONS External Temporary Resource Request

Role Title

RITM1210110 - Solution Architect

Service Now call reference number


Security Clearance required


Role location

For this role you will be attached to one of our core locations in Newport, Titchfield, Edinburgh or Darlington where presence at one of these sites will form part of the working arrangements agreed with you. (40% of the working week to be in the office).

We operate a hybrid working model that allows you to work between home and office locations, giving you greater flexibility about where and when you work.

Equivalent annual salary

Approx £53,352 (Grade 7)

Duration of engagement

6 months

Request issued to framework


Number of CVs requested


Deadline for CVs due back

Noon on 19.06.24

Terms & Conditions




CVs to be uploaded to the INTEND web portal by the deadline specified above. CVs via email will not be accepted.


ONS is the UKs largest independent producer of Official Statistics and is the recognised national statistics institute for the UK. It is responsible for collecting and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society at national, regional and local levels. It also conducts the census in England and Wales every ten years. Our statistics help government, businesses and citizens to make informed decisions and choices, based on information they can trust.

ONS also plays a leading role in national and international good practice in the production of official statistics. It is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority.





Job Description

At the heart of the ONS digital and technology transformation you will join an experienced and talented cross-discipline architecture community, with the responsibility for the high-level design of the next generation ONS digital and technology services.


Working collaboratively with ONS business areas and delivery, architecture, software engineering and user-centred design colleagues you will lead the definition of specific service architectures to meet the needs of the organisation and its users.


You will design cloud native, service-based solutions in line with government DDaT standards and ONS strategy and will support and evolve the ONS digital and technology reference architecture.






  • Analyse business and user needs to identify architecturally significant functional and non-functional requirements of systems and services.
  • Lead the high-level architecture design of systems and services that co-ordinates solutions between multiple teams, products, and processes.
  • Shape the development of technology prototypes to inform architectural decisions and approaches.
  • Act as the technical design authority in delivery to ensure the requirements of the solution architecture are implemented.

Person Specification

We are looking for experienced IT professionals who

  • are effective communicators with the ability to translate digital and technology concepts to stakeholders at all levels.
  • can build relationships across organisational domains and mediate between people to create effective solutions.
  • can quickly understand and translate business concepts and needs to digital and technology teams and solutions.
  • can communicate IT architecture through a variety of artefacts, techniques, and tools.
  • have knowledge and experience across architecture, strategy, delivery, software engineering and service management domains.
  • have experience of defining transitional architectures using cloud native design approaches and technologies.
  • use objective evidence, the input of others, and can build consensus when making and informing complex decisions.
  • are innovative problem solvers who can identify opportunities in new technologies and digital trends.







Terms and Conditions of Engagement:

  1. The position holder will be contracted via your organisation and NOT employed or paid by ONS (with the contract being between ONS and your organisation, and the appropriate periodic fee payable by ONS to your organisation);
  2. CVs will be evaluated by the ONS, who may invite one or more of these candidates to interview. The ONS reserves the right to reject any or all candidates at any stage of the evaluation exercise and is under no obligation to accept any candidate proposed by your organisation.
  3. ONS reserves the right to withdraw this vacancy at any point during the Procurement process.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, the ONS will:

a   only reimburse expenses to the successful service provider (never directly to the position holder);

b   only consider expenses incurred during the course of the position holders working day, strictly in line with ONS Travel & Subsistence policy; and

c   not pay travel or subsistence expenses incurred by the position holder whilst travelling to/from his/her home from/to his/her normal place of work.

In compliance with the Governments commitment to greater transparency of expenditure by the public sector, the Commercial Services Division of the ONS is required to publish the details of all new ICT and Non-ICT contracts over £10,000 let since the 1st July 2010. ONS is also obliged to publish all new Tender Documentation issued after the 1st September 2010. Bidders should note this obligation when submitting bids for this Requirement.

The AUTHORITY may consult with the CONTRACTOR to inform its decision regarding any redactions but the AUTHORITY shall have the final decision in its absolute discretion.


  1. You should submit your pricing structure, which must be an inclusive fee (except for VAT) covering ALL costs involved in appointing the individual concerned. Where the pricing structure consists of an introductory or search fee you must clarify what refund would be offered in the event that the contract is terminated for any reason. Regardless of the terms of any agreement (or of any changes in those terms) between your organisation and the position holder, the Contract fee charged to ONS will remain FIRM throughout the Contract. It would be expected that any subsequent extension(s) to the services would attract a volume discount on the existing rate. In any event, any such extension will not incur an increase in fees, unless agreed in writing by ONSs Procurement Unit - you must confirm your acceptance of this condition.


  1. You must break the fee proposed into (a) salary only element; (b) agency commission (with the profit element); and (c) other elements.


Security Documents to be completed:

The ONS applies the Government (or HMG) Baseline Personnel Security Standard to any and all individuals assigned by a contractor to access ONS premises, property or information. In line with these procedures, you must confirm as part of your response to this Invitation to Tender that, in respect of any individual submitted by you who is successfully appointed under this tender exercise, you will comply, with the requirements detailed at ANNEX A Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) of this tender exercise.


Any queries about ANNEX A should be directed to Contingent Labour Engagement Team. Please email

Additional information:

ONS will inform you when we have fully assessed your candidate(s). If you do not hear from us (within a reasonable time-span), this is only because there are no further developments at present, therefore we would ask you not to chase us to request progress reports.



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