Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

IT Services For The Digital Age

Certes IT Services Agility Ability™ portfolio is the future of adaptable, flexible and scalable expertise to deliver your transformation projects and digital agenda.

Offering a combination of vertical skillsets aligned to core transformation disciplines such as business analysis, service and solution design, and product

delivery, Certes Agility Ability enables your digital projects to reach an entirely new level of responsiveness and performance.

This is our Capability as a Service, CaaS, where our consultants’ expertise and DDaT aligned disciplines map to the core competency demands of your digital transformation journey, whenever you need them and for how long.

If you are seeking a full journey management service, then our Complete Agility Ability Teams, CaaT, provides you with multi- and inter-disciplinary teams with skillsets that change in line with the demands and evolution of your project.

Mobilising High Quality IT Professionals Quickly

You can start small and early with foundation skills to discover and quantify needs and opportunities for your change and transformation project, for example with enterprise and solution architects to determine the technology platforms that most readily map to your business needs, or business and data analysts to quantify the scale, scope and priorities based on discovered fact and evidence. Or you can engage our Agility Ability services as and when your project definition matures and when your requirements are more readily coming into view. We can help you define, structure and plan your project requirements and outcomes and then set about building, executing and fulfilling your ambitions, either as a single supplier of skillsets and teams or working in collaboration with your own teams and other partners.

Our execution models adapt to your circumstances. All our services are managed through an assigned Certes Service Delivery Manager (SDM), controlled through our purpose-built service management portal, Certes Agility Portal – CaP – that captures consultant activity, deliverables tracking and progress status reports.

As your project scales up and governance and stakeholder management become a more crucial activity to determine success, our PMO and assurance framework can be immersed into and around our project responsibilities and integrated into your own governance model based on your own circumstances. Adaptability, flexibility and scalability are the bywords of Certes services.

Let us Concentrate on the Project Deliverables

All our Agility Ability services are outcome based, meaning we are totally focused on helping you complete your transformation journey and furthering your digital agenda.

Whether you need project managers, architects or developers as a unique skillset or all of them as part of a full team, our SDM ensures the agreed deliverables are met and consistent project controls are in place. Through the SDM and our CaaP portal, the customer always has the ability to change the project goals and deliverables with change requests giving ultimate flexibility and control.

Through IT Agility AbilityTM, we work with you to ensure there’s absolute clarity about the deliverables, budgets and timescales before a project commences. Working closely with your assigned Service Delivery Manager, we take responsibility for managing your allocated resources to agreed success criteria, giving you peace of mind that you will get the outcomes you need.

Drawing on our 40 year history and expertise in the provision of high performing teams and blended skillsets, Certes IT Agility Ability™ invites you to join our Next Generation IT Project Delivery services.

Let’s talk

To explore how Certes can help you deliver your strategic IT projects, get in touch today for a 30-minute demo to learn more about IT Agility AbilityTMClick here.

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