Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

An Agile Approach - Why it Matters

Being agile, or delivering an agile approach, is all about the way in which a project is delivered.  There are countless definitions but at Certes, what matters is that we understand your preferred approach and support you with teams, resources and tools that help you achieve success.  We’re relentless in our journey of continuous improvement and recognise the important role we can play in helping you deliver your business outcomes.


Exploring Agile Approaches

Whilst there are numerous frameworks to support the continuous planning, execution and evaluation of a project to ensure there is the ability to react to change quickly, there are five most commonly-used methodologies to consider:

  • Scrum is probably the most well-known and utilised framework typified by cycles or stages of development, known as sprints.
  • Kanban, meaning signboard in Japanese, is a workflow method for defining, managing, and improving services. A Kanban board is split into columns that show every flow of the production.
  • Extreme Programming (XP) is a software development methodology intended to increase software quality and its ability to adapt to the client’s changing needs. It aims to deliver iterative and frequent small releases throughout the project to enable team members and customers to scrutinise and review the project’s progress during the development lifecycle.
  • Lean Development hails from Lean Manufacturing. This is based on enhancing development time and resources, removing waste, and finally delivering only what the product needs.
  • Crystal is a family of Agile methodologies that puts a focus on people over processes and tools. It is based on two core principles: teams can find ways on their own to advance and enhance workflows and each project team is responsible for finding the most suitable way to govern how it will undertake the work.

Regardless of the methodology, what matters is that utilising a robust and well-understood approach creates the right level of understanding and accountability in a world of fast-paced and unpredictable project delivery.  At Certes, our in-depth understanding of agile delivery ensures our solutions fit seamlessly into your project teams, ensuring the focus is on the best outcomes possible.

Skills as Unique as Your Project

Whichever methodology you’re utilising and however you’re applying it, you can rely on Certes to work alongside you to understand your project requirements.  IT Agility AbilityTM gives you flexible options depending on whether you need a multi-disciplined agile team of IT experts delivered through CaaT (Complete agility abilityTM Team) or specific IT specialisms for a particular part or type of IT project through CaaS (Capability as a Service).

At Certes, we also offer IT Contract Teams (ITCT) where contract IT Professionals are assigned and managed by you and part of your internal team, and IT Talent Acquisition (ITTA) where exceptional IT Talent are employed permanently to develop and expand your IT Team and internal capability.  We have carefully crafted a range of resource solutions and bring together 4 decades of experience in IT projects and people development enabling organisations to take advantage of our experience and access the very best IT professionals and expertise.

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