Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Blended Skillsets that Scale and Adapt to Project and Business Demands

Certes Complete Agility Ability Teams - CaaT - provides you with multi- and inter-disciplinary teams with skillsets that change in line with the demands and evolution of your project.

CaaT builds on the capabilities of our CaaS services and builds highly focused teams that are adaptable, flexible and scalable.

Align your team to any or all stages of your transformation journey, providing muti- and inter-disciplinary teams that operate inside or alongside your own teams or in collaboration with your other partners.

CaaT exists as a body of responsibility, driven by outcomes to deliver work packages as part of your wider transformation programme. CaaT can exist at any stage in the discover, design, plan and develop cycle, or across all stages taking responsibility for individual technology development or business requirements streams.

Without increasing your headcount or incurring additional management responsibilities or legislative issues, CaaT enables you to access and deploy an elite team of IT professionals. As a managed service, it can offer you the flexibility to focus on your project outcomes knowing that expert skills are in place as and when demanded by your digital agenda.

Focused on Governance

A Certes Agility Ability™ Team is a bespoke multi-disciplined team with combined skill sets built and managed to achieve business outcomes based on your specific requirements, specifications, budgets and deadlines.

Offering optional layers of management and governance, each Certes Agility Ability™ Team is deployed as an inter-disciplinary team that is managed through our dedicated Certes Service Delivery Manager (SDM) and operating under the customer’s own governance model. Under this model our SDM is responsible for the performance and achievement of agreed deliverables and people management of the resources, acting as your project liaison, giving you an accessible and accountable point of contact at every stage of your project.

Our purpose-built portal, CaP, underpins our service by providing up to date team status and reporting on project progress, covering financial analysis and team utilisation. Our SDM acts as your project liaison, giving you an accessible and accountable point of contact at every stage of your project.

When our Certes Agility Ability™ Team is deployed under a shared governance model, we complement our SDM by deploying a Project (or Programme) Management Office (PMO) to integrate with our customer governance model to assure project progress, performance integrity and strategic outcomes. Under our shared governance model, the PMO is

embedded as a central discipline of the team to provide the customer with greater insight and confidence in project outcomes.

Overcoming the Challenge of IR35 Compliance

This is an IR35 compliant solution delivering scalable and non-headcount resource. Our IT Agility AbilityTM service has been independently accredited by QDOS for IR35 compliance. It has also been awarded a Government Exemplar Service.

Removing the complexities around resource status, appointing a Certes agility abilityTM Team gives you the assurance that you will not incur any additional costs owing to conflicts surrounding status determination whilst still being able to access the highest-calibre IT professionals.

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