Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Ensuring the Right People are Where They Should Be

The key to the success of any project is the ability to manage resources.  It’s the process of knowing what skills are needed, where they need to be deployed, for how long and at what cost.  It’s a fundamental of project management but the more complex and larger the project, the harder a task this can become.

Resource planning is a process of allotting assignments so they can be carried out with maximum efficiency. It helps project managers manage resource use and monitor resource capacity, to maintain project budgets and provide an effective solution against project failure.  To help simplify this requirement, there are a growing number of software solutions available to support resource planning, however the fluidity and flexibility of many projects means even this can become a difficult element to keep up to date with.

Automating the Resource Planning Process

At Certes, we understand that one of your biggest challenges in project delivery is having visibility of the right data to ensure projects don’t run out of control.  That’s why we’ve developed a bespoke Resource Planning management tool which is deployed over a browser (CaaP) to help you break your projects down into sub-projects and help you allocate the appropriate resource to ensure your deliverables are met.

This management tool is managed by our dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who will ensure you are kept up to date and monitors the project regularly ensuring you have full visibility of any resource risks or potential budget challenges as well as the overall progress against your plan.  This unrivalled feature of IT Agility AbilityTM gives you visibility and control of the project and enables you to concentrate on other areas, releasing your time.

Skills as Unique as Your Project

Every project is different which means you need solutions tailored to project outcomes.   When it comes to managing your resource planning, you can rely on Certes to work alongside you to understand your project requirements.  IT Agility AbilityTM gives you flexible options depending on whether you need a multi-disciplined agile team of IT experts delivered through CaaT (Complete agility abilityTM Team) or specific IT specialisms for a particular part or type of IT project through CaaS (Capability as a Service).

At Certes, we also offer IT Contract Teams (ITCT) where contract IT Professionals are assigned and managed by you and part of your internal team, and IT Talent Acquisition (ITTA) where exceptional IT Talent are employed permanently to develop and expand your IT Team and internal capability.  We have carefully crafted a range of resource solutions and bring together 4 decades of experience in IT projects and people development enabling organisations to take advantage of our experience and access the very best IT professionals and expertise.

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