Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

How Will Local Government Services Transform through Digitalisation?

All local authorities are having to do more with less, making efficiencies is more important than ever whilst finding ways to offer more services to people and make improvements to the customer journey. But what are the innovations in local and regional government?

More Commercialisation

Local councils are trying to be more self-sufficient as Revenue Support Grants (RSGs) will almost be completely gone by 2020. However, according to the Local Government Association, councils are still facing a Covid-driven funding gap of nearly £2.3bn in 2020-21.

There is pressure to close funding gaps and balance budgets, all while continuing to deliver service. With a shift towards government organisations acting in more commercial ways, this will bring more of a focus on people, processes, and technology – and how resources can be efficiently used and services digitalised to get better value.

Combatting the Growing Cybersecurity Threat to Local Government

Local and regional councils are under attack from cyber-attacks and ransomware like never before. According to research carried out by Gallagher, UK local authorities are fending off 800 cyber-attacks an hour. The average successful cyber-attack on a council results in costs of £430,000.

These organisations will be required to take a stronger approach to protecting systems and data on citizens. More services delivered online means a greater attack surface for hackers. Infrastructures will need more regular stress testing to ensure they are fully protected.

In order to protect themselves against future attacks, local authorities should consider data backup, take a proactive approach to antivirus protection and systems patching, either through a managed IT service or manually on a regular basis, and conduct third party network security assessments.

More citizen engagement

Many people nowadays expect to go to a local council office or spend time on the phone to access services. They expect to access local government services via new technology, such as smart speakers, virtual assistants, AI-driven chatbots and mixed reality (MR). Having a multi-channel approach can make services councils offer more accessible.

More Sustainability

Climate change is a real threat, and everyone must do their part to combat it, including local authorities. This means that councils will have to do more to make offices, premises, and services more energy efficient with smart building technology and electric vehicles. Many councils are installing solar panels and wind turbines to lessen their carbon footprint.

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