Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Getting Access to Top IT Talent has Never Been Easier

When you’re looking for rapid deployment of top-notch IT Professionals, you need Certes Pro.  Certes Pro is the IT professionals’ network from Certes IT Service Solutions. Certes Pro is a community of pre-qualified, highly experienced IT professionals who are primed and ready for rapid deployment specifically aligned to the services we offer.

The exceptionally talented members of this network have crafted their careers and skills in delivering the types of projects that are undertaken in IT Agility AbilityTM.  We implement a rigorous and intensive screening and assessment program, giving you confidence that the skills and experience you need are exactly what you’ll get.


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Delivering IT Expertise for Digital Transformation

Certes has been established for nearly 40 years and helps organisations access the best IT talent for their everchanging needs

A Quality Network that is The Key to Success

Certes Pro is a knowledge hub of the best-in-class IT Professionals that work together to share best practice.  You can access this talented network through IT Agility AbilityTM without spending valuable HR time or investing in people development.

Certes Pro consists of a number of layers segmented into technical discipline and experience.  Our Certes Pro network continuously evolves and changes but is always underpinned by the robust criteria we put in place for those joining us.

Rigorous Processes for the Very Best

The Certes Pro network brings together the brightest technical IT minds in one place, creating a unique and highly-specialist community.  It’s a place where best practice and knowledge can be exchanged and ideas shared to promote the continuous professional development of all members.  This peer-to-peer support is invaluable, offering unique benefits to organisations utilising the Certes IT Agility AbilityTM service.

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