Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Information Assurance as a Service (IAaaS)

With the Secure by Design framework coming into full effect, it is paramount that you have the Information Assurance skills and expertise ready to manage and deliver the new project self-assessment requirements.

The Secure by Design approach promotes a positive security culture from the beginning of any digital lifecycle. This also helps to encourage project teams to make cyber security everyone’s collective responsibility throughout the Discovery, Alpha and Live stages of a project.

Not sure where to start?

At Certes, we have created a specialised Information Assurance consultancy service that can help provide you with the best IA consultants supported with a framework of artefacts specifically created to align with the Secure by Design activities and help you achieve your self-assessment goals. Designed to be flexible and bespoke to your own unique project requirements our expert team will help you ensure continuous assurance throughout each stage of the digital transformation journey.

Certes provide information assurance teams that are completely scalable depending on the size of the digital project. They will help implement all 10 Secure by Design principles at the very beginning of the digital lifecycle.

Features & Benefits

  • Ongoing security assurance processes
  • Scalable information assurance teams
  • Artifacts to support self-assessment
  • A framework adaptable for all levels of organisation
  • Maintain robust security
  • Improve quality and reliability of products
  • Cost Efficiency on long term programmes
  • Reduce Time-to-Market

Implement Secure by Design

Our consultancy services facilitate ongoing security assurance processes, allowing your organisation to adapt to your project needs swiftly and maintain a robust security posture through regular updates, security assessments, and continuous assurance processes.

Our teams understand the importance of engaging stakeholders at all levels and embed this into our Secure by Design approach from the outset. Our flexible processes can include senior management from the start, ensuring that security considerations that are integral to the business strategy and operational processes are adopted across all levels of the organisation.

With no need for budget approval for consultancy services at the business case stage of a project, it is becoming easier to access the services you require to implement the Secure by Design framework.


FREE 1hr Consultation with our Information Assurance Lead

Do you want to ask our Information Assurance Lead some questions on Secure by Design? Register for our complimentary 1 hour consultation to learn how we can tailor our service for your upcoming project.


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