Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Customer Experience is Driving Fundamental Change

As a sector focused on delivering essential services for its customers, technology has to be an integral part of transformation.  From the way services are delivered to the customer experience provided, this sector is increasingly digital first.

Value for money continues to be a consumer’s biggest concern regardless of the purchase decision they are making, which also includes convenience.  An increasing number of touchpoints between energy and utility companies and their customers are now digital, however with so many creative and seamless digital experiences on offer, there is little tolerance for clunky, impersonal or frustrating interactions.

Responsive Technology and Office Automation

To deliver exceptional digital customer interactions, the focus must be on personalisation and efficiency.  Suppliers must focus on meeting the needs of their customers rather than selling unwanted products.  Based on this 2021 survey of 28,000 consumers, people would choose a simple and efficient customer journey over a low service price.  Making things easy is key.

Putting the Customer First

Office Automation technologies, like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), can help achieve this.  Smart metering and technology that allows meter reading validation ensures that customers are billed correctly first time and can flag a customer if something is thought to be wrong.  Using data more intelligently is creating more personalised dashboards and digital insights for customers, helping build a more transparent and trusting relationship.  RPA is simplifying hugely the task of setting up a new account, with complete self-serve journeys unless human intervention is absolutely necessary.  By reducing errors like wrong information or checking for duplicate accounts, RPA can make new customer acquisition frictionless.

Mastering Intelligent Cyber Security

As the sector is often seen as having a low maturity in cyber resilience, the financial cost of cyber-attacks has increased thirty-fold for energy companies in the last 12-months according to a report by insurance firm Hiscox.  A detailed assessment of cyber security processes and platforms are key to being able to identify vulnerabilities and plan accordingly.

Leveraging Our Expertise in the IT and Telecoms Sector

At Certes, we have a deep and rich understanding of the challenges faced within the IT and Telecoms sector.  Our teams of talented individuals are experts in their vertical markets, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the very latest developments, trends and news across the entirety of the sector.  We are dedicated to enabling change and our solutions are designed to offer flexible, agile services to engineering organisations to ensure that the right resources and capability are in place to support sector-wide transformation.

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