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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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The Permanent Recruitment Solutions framework, officially known as RM6002, is a vital tool aimed at facilitating recruitment within the public sector. Its primary objective is to simplify and expedite the process of hiring permanent, fixed-term, and seconded personnel. Pre-approved suppliers, carefully vetted for their expertise and reliability, are an integral part of this framework. These suppliers offer a wide range of recruitment services, extending their support not only to central government agencies but also to the broader public sector and the third sector.

In today's competitive landscape, securing top talent is paramount to an organisation's success and growth. Traditional hiring processes can be fraught with challenges, consuming valuable time and resources. Hence, the adoption of specialised frameworks such as The Permanent Recruitment Solutions framework has become increasingly common. These frameworks offer a structured and efficient approach to permanent recruitment, ensuring the acquisition of highly qualified professionals.

One of the standout features of RM6002 is its versatility. It empowers public sector entities to access recruitment services both regionally and nationally across the UK. This breadth of coverage is particularly advantageous when seeking candidates with specialised skills, such as those in the digital, data, and technology (DDaT) fields.

In essence, RM6002 functions as a comprehensive guide for organisations, walking them through every step of the recruitment journey. From the initial analysis of job requirements to the final selection of candidates, this framework provides a clear roadmap. It assists in pinpointing specific hiring needs, attracting suitable candidates, evaluating their qualifications, and ultimately making well-informed hiring decisions. By leveraging The Permanent Recruitment Solutions framework, public sector bodies can optimise their permanent recruitment processes, ensuring that they secure the right talent efficiently and effectively.

How it Works



Why use the Permanent Recruitment Solutions Framework?

There are a range of benefits to using the Permanent Recruitment Solutions framework:

  • Compliant route to candidates for permanent roles via recruitment agencies.
  • Flexibility for hiring managers and departments to choose how and who they engage with from the supplier list.
  • Access to capable suppliers leading to increased fill rates and avoidance of repeated campaign costs.
  • Ability to direct award – saving time and cost of competing all requirements.
  • Capped maximum rates, protecting contracting authorities to market increases.
  • Mandatory Services covering the identification, attraction, evaluation and offer stages of recruitment activity.
  • Access to additional Services covering Assessment Centres, Testing and Interview Support.
  • Attraction methods (social media, microsites, job boards etc.) built into the cost of the services – no hidden costs.

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