Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Helping You Recruit the Perfect Person

When you’re focused on recruiting permanent roles, the stakes can be high.  Building a team means thinking about not just what is needed now for the business or a specific project, it can also involve thinking about such issues as succession planning.

Whatever the role, your new hire must have the right skills to help your organisation thrive and deliver successfully in their role.  Just as important is the cultural match; at Certes we know that blending the two is a careful balance.

We invest in getting to know the person behind every CV, to ensure that opportunities we present offer an attractive opportunity.  Your time is precious so we make sure we’re as confident as possible that the selections you receive will be a great fit for both your organisation and the individual professionals.  We’ve had over 40 years to perfect what it takes to cultivate our talent pool meaning you don’t have to spend your time worrying if you’re hiring the right person.


Delivering More than You Expect

Our Talent Division offers everything you would expect from a company dealing with professional, high-calibre recruitment into technically-specialist roles.  You can take for granted that our candidate acquisition and screening processes ensure only the strongest individuals make it onto your shortlist.  You can also be sure that our capability assessments will give you a fully-rounded view of each applicant, allowing you to assess the cultural as well as skills suitability.

Guided by the Certes Way

Precision Resource Management (PRM) is the reason we know your expectations will be exceeded.  PRM is our specialist methodology that we have crafted and refined over time to deliver exceptional results when sourcing and onboarding the right people into your organisation.

PRM is more than an internal way of working.  Our PRM methodology is audited by the British Standards Institute as part of our ISO accreditation and is also fully compliant with the Employment Agencies Act, IR35, GDPR, Equality Act, Agency Workers Regulations, the Modern Slavery Act and the Equality and Diversity Accreditation.

Through the Certes Precision Resource Management (PRM) approach, you’ll benefit from a robust, measurable service that is focused on delivering exceptional results.  From long-listing through to onboarding, our experts are committed and focused during the entire process to ensure a seamless recruitment outcome.