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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: Addressing the Shortage in the UK

By . September 21, 2023

The need to address digital skills shortages has reached a critical level. The UK's low standing in the global skills ranking highlights the need for the UK to rebuild its national skill sets.

  In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, digital skills are the currency of the job market. Proficiency in a range of skills, including coding, data analysis, digital marketing, and cybersecurity, are indispensable for individuals looking to succeed and excel in the current job market. However, the UK is facing a growing challenge: a digital skills shortage that threatens to hamper economic growth, innovation, and the overall competitiveness of the nation. This years' Global Skills Report by Coursera, revealed a glaring digital skills gap in the UK, particularly when it comes to preparing for the future of work. This study, which scrutinised the career readiness of over 124 million learners worldwide, pinpointed leaders in proficiency for business, technology, and data science skills across 100 countries affiliated with Coursera. The report's findings placed the UK at the 64th position globally for skills development. This marks a significant decline from its 38th position in 2022. Undeniably, the time has come to bridge the divide between the business world and education, and this can be achieved by making education more adaptable, cost-effective, and accessible. It should be finely tuned to address the rapidly growing sectors of the job market and the most critical shortages in digital skills.  

Key to Success: Investment in Digital Skills

  • Collaboration is Crucial: Businesses, governments, and education providers can achieve more, but in order to do this they need to align their skills development efforts.
  • Blending Online and Traditional Learning: Combining online learning with traditional apprenticeships creates a more adaptable and integrated system.
  • Tailored Training: This approach enables customised, sector-specific training covering digital, data, and business skills, thus benefiting both employers and trainees.
  • Economic Advantages: Investments in digital skills by businesses, governments, and higher education leaders lead to economic benefits. This is through increased employment opportunities.
  • European Commission's Example: The European Commission aims to ensure that 70% of adults have basic digital skills by 2025. The UK should make similar commitments to promote digital literacy.

The Rise of IT Contractor Jobs

In order to combat the digital skills shortage, many UK businesses have turned to IT contractor jobs as a solution. Contractors, often highly specialised individuals, bring their skills to the table for a defined project or period. This approach offers several advantages:
  • Firstly, contractors provide the flexibility to quickly increase or decrease the workforce depending on project requirements. This allows companies to easily adapt to changing needs.
  • Secondly, IT contractors often possess niche skills that are in high demand, making them ideal for skill gaps. By using an IT recruitment company, you can seek out the digital skills you require quickly. They do all the work for you, and with little effort on your side.
  • Additionally, hiring a contractor can often be more cost effective than keeping a full time employee.
  Certes IT Recruitment specialises in finding the right talent for your business needs. Therefore, we are fully equipt to help you solve your lack of digital skills issue. Our team of experts will provide access to a pool of highly skilled professionals with proficiency in various technical fields. Let us help you build the team to take your business to the next level.



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