Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM
Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
IT Agility AbilityTM

Building a Project Team in a Climate of Efficiencies

By . September 24, 2021
As businesses continue their economic recovery, the reality of the financial impact on many is now surfacing. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are counting the cost of the global health crisis and exploring every possible option to speed up recovery. Large scale digital transformation projects largely remain unscathed as leaders recognise the value of evolving their business. The change is necessary, whether in hardware, new systems and processes, collaboration tools or a blend of all of these. What is getting harder to justify is the cost of building the project teams needed to deliver this change.  For many organisations, headcount freezes and recruitment bans are a way of controlling one of the largest recurring annual costs, however this is particularly problematic when delivering organisational change through transformation projects. Whilst businesses could simply look to their internal resources and redeploy a necessary into projects teams, this is often an unsatisfactory solution for all involved.  Full-time resource may be resentful of being pulled away from their existing workload to contribute to a project that they don’t feel part of or fully understand.  More significantly, permanent IT roles don’t generally align well into projects both from a skillset and mindset perspective, meaning outcomes are compromised. The go-to method for many organisations in this position is to bring in contingent labour however, this method has its own unique challenges. Whilst not technically classed as headcount, there is still a need to onboard contractors into the business and to undertake all of the associated people management admin.  It’s also a cost-intensive process that can take months to put in place and is expensive to maintain, especially when niche skillsets are required. This is where a managed service approach offers a winning solution.  Highly-controllable from a cost perspective, this kind of service attracts high-calibre, time-served and expert resource that is managed entirely by the partner you’re working with.  This offers you access to flexible and agile resource but without the need to onboard, add to headcount statistics or undertake people management responsibilities.   Certes IT Agility Ability™ is the future of deploying resources to fulfil your IT projects. It is a service designed by Certes to offer a flexible service for IT project delivery that assigns, controls and manages your project resources (time, money, and people).
  • IR35 compliant
  • Classes as a non-headcount resource
  • Scalable and flexible service
  • Deployable within just a few weeks
  • Output-based deliverables
  • Real time programme and project data captured using the Certes agility ability™ Portal
If you’re looking for a more responsive and agile way to manage the resource into your IT programmes, talk to Certes today.



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