Why Choose IT Recruitment Specialists for Your Next Hire?

15th May 2019

The recruitment process can be particularly time-consuming when performed in-house and especially challenging for SMEs who don’t have the resources to effectively search for suitable candidates.

Hiring through an IT recruitment specialist can ease the strain, helping your business to shortlist qualified candidates and providing specialist advice that can help to promote your company in the job market.

Here we look at just five benefits of hiring through an IT recruitment specialist:

Shortlisting Candidates

Hiring through an IT recruitment specialist will provide you with a shortlist of qualified, promising candidates. Specialist recruiters will be more experienced in examining the qualifications and career of applicants, letting you know who has the required skills and best experience for the job. This saves you the time spent on filtering CVs and communicating with each applicant.

Employer Branding

For smaller companies who don’t necessarily have the funds or resources for marketing their job vacancies, IT recruitment specialists can be invaluable. Professional employment agents will inform each applicant about your brand, ethos and the position available, helping to ensure they find the candidates that really understand your business.

Wider Reach

Most people searching for jobs with an IT recruiter will ask for their information to be kept on file, so agencies are likely to have a pool of qualified job seekers available who could make suitable candidates for your roles. Even better, with their vast recruiting experience these specialists will know exactly where to look to find ideal candidates.

Industry Benchmarks

Having interviewed multiple candidates within a sector, it is important that both the employer and candidate are clear on what is expected. When it comes to negotiating salaries and benefits, IT recruitment specialists can advise your company on industry benchmarks and an even offer a competitive edge.

Initial Interviews

To save employers even more time, initial telephone interviews can be completed by IT recruitment specialists. This will ensure that employers are provided with quality candidates without having to rely on a CV alone.

Choosing Certes as your IT recruitment specialists

Certes has delivered IT and Communications staff to businesses across the UK for more than 30 years, so we have vast experience in providing excellent staffing services and recruitment support.

To find out how we can help your business to find top employees, complete our enquiry form today.

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