Common IT Job Titles and What They Mean

2nd May 2019

There are a wide selection of exciting roles within the Information Technology sector, offering candidates opportunities in interesting and rewarding career paths.

Here we look at some of the most common IT job titles that recruiters search for, and why these roles are crucial for businesses.

Business Analyst

As the title suggests, the work of a Business Analyst work is to help an organisation to improve essential processes and systems. This is achieved by consistent research, analysis, development and implementation of tailored IT solutions that benefit both a business and its client base.

IT Delivery Manager

An IT Delivery Manager takes an operational overview of IT projects, working to ensure that continuous delivery is possible. A key part of this role is to identify and eliminate any issues that might hinder workflow, guaranteeing that development teams can focus on delivering excellent results.

Data Architect

A Data Architect is chiefly responsible for the design, structure and maintenance of data within a business focused database. The Data Architect will not only focus on ensuring the accuracy of data relating to a business or project, but also its accessibility for colleagues and clients.

Software Developer

A wide-ranging discipline within the sector, Developers design and maintain the computer software used by businesses to support operations and improve efficiency. This work ranges from establishing databases and operating systems to building servers and creating applications.

Systems Engineer

The role of a Systems Engineer is to continually monitor the performance of IT systems and safeguard against potential issues that could result in business downtime. A role that is essential to a broad range of organisations, a talented Systems Engineer can work in pretty much any sector.

Technical Architect

A Technical Architect is focussed on overseeing the structure of a program or system, working with a wide range of solutions and technologies. This role requires technical finesse and intuitive project managements skills, helping to successfully deliver IT infrastructures for businesses.

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