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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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IT Careers in Focus: Developers

By . June 3, 2019
If you are an efficient problem solver and a technological enthusiast, developer work could be the career for you. Analysing and manipulating software for a desired result requires an advanced level of technical skill. Each project will differ in requirements, to keep your day-to-day work interesting with challenges and successes. If you are interested in a programming career, IT Developers have lots of options to choose from. Here we look at how you can begin your career as a Developer today: Training Required Many Computer Software Development vacancies require a Batchelors Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Within these learning courses there will be mathematical requirements, including differential equations, linear algebra and a sequence in calculus (possibly physics too). The software engineering side of your course will enable you to create, analyse and control different software. For example, you will be educated in computer programming, networks and operating systems. Having this advance understanding of different programming languages is a core skill required for many IT Developer careers. Similar IT related degrees are also favourable, including:
  • Information Technology
  • Software Development
  • Mathematics
  • Business Information Systems
However, if you have an unrelated degree you could apply for a graduate trainee scheme. By showing enthusiasm and dedication to the industry, many large companies will accept graduates onto their team. Career Routes There are many routes you can take after university as a developer. Each career will be take focus on managing and developing different aspects of websites and applications through programming practices. Web Developer A Web Developer is responsible for controlling the ‘back-end’ of a programme such as an online host or web application. However, this role should not be confused with a Web Designer, who is responsible for the design and application of a website. DevOps DevOps Engineers specialise in coding, scripting and process re-engineering. They manage the IT infrastructure accordingly to the supported software code in a hybrid multi-tenant environment. Java Developer As a Java Script Developer, you will be expected to construct the front end logic which controls the behaviour of a web application’s visual elements. In addition, you will need to connect this work with the back end of the same application. Magento Developer A specialist developer with an advance understanding on how to use Magento to construct any eCommerce store using the platform. To succeed, you will need to know your HTML, CSS and Javascript and obtain experience of developing custom CMS themes. Finding a Vacancy Applying for Software Developer opportunities online has never been easier than with recruitment specialists by your side. Our team at Certes are friendly and approachable, to effectively manage communication between employers and applicants. Our website will provide IT Developers with a diverse range of opportunities, ready for you to apply. Alternatively, to promote your own vacancy, get in touch with the Certes team today.



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