The key skills that top IT recruiters look for

27th February 2019

If you are looking to make a positive career move in the IT sector there are a wealth of opportunities available in the short and long term.

But as in any industry, a strong CV is essential to gaining the right appointments by helping to persuade potential employers that you are the right person for the job.

Here we look at some of the key criteria to consider when updating your CV when applying for jobs in the Information Technology sector.

Qualifications & Experience

Technical qualifications are likely to be an important part of any job description within the IT sector, so make sure to list your credentials. This should include any relevant certification received through an academic body and details of experience gained through previous roles and projects.


The IT sector is largely focused on providing communication and connectivity for businesses, so excellent interpersonal skills are a definite plus for employers. Make sure to mention your natural strengths when it comes to communication and highlight how these skills have been developed.


Whether working within an office environment or remotely, teamwork is an important part of any modern business setup. Most projects in the IT sector require efficient and harmonious co-operation with colleagues and third parties, so underlining your abilities as a team player will be beneficial.


The IT sector is a naturally progressive and fast-moving environment where innovation will always bring new challenges for businesses and their employees. So evidence of your ability to adapt to new working situations and learn new skills will always be attractive to IT recruiters.


Employees who are pro-active and motivated in their work are always highly sought-after by companies operating in the IT sector. So ensure that your CV gives example of how you can manage your workload and always look to develop and improve your contributions.

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