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The launch of Former Forces

By . January 19, 2024

Introducing Former Forces: Empowering Military Leavers

For over a decade, Certes has been deeply committed to supporting Service Leavers and Veterans. Throughout our years of engagement, a recurring statement echoed by those transitioning out of the military:

“Whilst the resettlement training courses and briefing seminars were comprehensive, it was still very confusing as to what could actually be achieved after I left the military”.

The question of what lies beyond the military service often looms large, and we have taken it upon ourselves to address this uncertainty. In response, we proudly present Former Forces, an authentic and transparent career transition support service designed to guide military members seamlessly into the next phase of their professional journey.

Former Forces comprises two essential components: an exclusive online community hosted on LinkedIn and interactive workshops.

The Online Community serves as a dedicated space where Veterans can openly share their stories, provide invaluable insights, and support one another in navigating the challenges of transitioning to civilian life. This LinkedIn group is deliberately closed, ensuring that only military members have access, creating a secure and confidential environment for open discourse and the exchange of personal experiences.

Our Workshops go beyond the conventional advice on job boards, CVs, and interviews. We offer unparalleled clarity and insider knowledge into the inner workings of the recruitment process. Understanding the nuances of the civilian job market is pivotal, and Former Forces equips service leavers with the tools and knowledge needed for a successful transition.

One distinctive aspect of Former Forces is its accessibility. All our services are provided free of charge, underlining our commitment to giving back to those who have chosen to serve. This initiative is about aiding in career progression and maximising the unique talents that military personnel bring to the civilian workforce. Former Forces is an investment in you, creating a supportive environment that facilitates a seamless transition into your next career pathway.

Whether you are a service leaver or know of someone who is about to leave the military and is interested in this transformative support service, detailed information can be found at the following link:

Former Forces is more than a service; it's a commitment to empowering those who have served, ensuring they embark on their post-military journey with confidence and purpose. Join us in reshaping the narrative of military transitions.

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