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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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The Role of IT Contracting in Digital Transformation Projects

By . January 23, 2024
In order to enhance efficiency, responsiveness, and citizen services, public sector organisations are increasingly turning to digital transformation projects. Many organisations are opting to turn to contractors for specific skillsets and experience to add value to these projects. But why is this? This article aims to shine a light on the impact IT contacting can have on digital transformation projects. 
Introduction to Digital Transformation 
Digital transformation is no longer a choice but a fundamental requirement for government entities of all sizes to keep to the Government’s ‘Transforming Digital Future’ 2025 roadmap. However, balancing the demands of Business as Usual (BAU) while striving for improvement can be a difficult task for some organisations, particularly those with limited internal resources. Shifting from traditional processes to modern, technology-driven methodologies requires meticulous planning and execution, often leading to a strain on resources and operational efficiency. Which is why bringing in an external resource to work on the project can help ensure the internal team can continue to focus on their everyday tasks. 
The Complexities of Digital Transformation 
Embarking on a digital transformation journey in the public sector introduces various challenges, including the need to modernise legacy systems, secure sensitive data, and navigate regulatory complexities. These challenges often require specialised skills and experiences that may not be readily available within the existing government workforce. 
How IT Contracting can contribute to your Project 
IT contractors bring specialised skills and expertise to projects that organisations may lack internally. Their ability to quickly adapt to project requirements, coupled with their experience in similar initiatives, makes them great assets in navigating these projects. There are various benefits to IT contracting when it comes to digital transformation. One of them of course being the flexibility contracting offers. Businesses can tailor teams to meet specific project needs, bringing in experts for the duration required, rather than having to hire them as a full-time employee. Because of this it ensures that organisations have the right talent at the right time, optimising the projects resource allocation. 
The risks associated with digital transformation, such as project delays, budget overruns, and technical challenges, can be mitigated through strategic IT contracting. By bringing in professionals with a proven track record in similar projects, organisations benefit from their past experience mitigating these risks. 
IT contracting shouldn't be viewed as a substitute for in-house talent, but rather as a complement to existing capabilities. By collaborating with external experts, you can also foster knowledge transfer. This empowers internal teams to build upon the skills and insights gained during the project so that you may not need external team members for future initiatives. As external professionals, contractors can provide an objective evaluation of existing processes, systems, and workflows. This outside perspective is valuable in identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes without being constrained by internal biases or politics. 
In the fast-changing world of digital transformation, where staying ahead means embracing innovation, IT contracting steps in as a strategic resource. Being able to bring in specialised skills, ensure adaptability, and keep risks in check, makes IT contracting a key player in the success of IT projects. That's not to say that IT contracting is the prime element to its success, but it certainly has its benefits, especially for businesses that are struggling to take on the transformation with their current knowledge and abilities. 
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