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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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3D printed rib cage helps Cancer patient

By . December 20, 2018
Healthcare is no stranger to 3D printing. From printing prostectic hands, functiong hearts and even faces for face transplants. 3D printing is a ginat step foward into how technology can benefit health and recover from delicate surgery.

"Surgeons are finding that 3D-printing technology can reduce operating time, lower risks from errors or complications, and produce better outcomes for patients through the use of 3D-printed surgical models and tools"

The latest addition that 3D printing has provided to healthcare is the ability to print titanium bone structure. A Spanish cancer patient suffering from a chest wall sarcoma - a type of cancerous tumour that grows around the rib cage, has received a 3D printed titanium sternum and rib cage. The rib cage was designed by Austrailian based CSIRO recreates the patients sternum and a portion of his rib cage that had to be removed due to the cancer.  Manufacutring the part of the rib cage is extremely tricky to duplicate with prostectics due to the complexity of the stucture and the how every patient is different. The 3D printed titanium rib cage enables the the rib cage to be designed and manufactured for the individual.




This new development in heath care will help numerous patients who are in need of replacements that were once difficult to manufacture or not possible. With 3D printing the possiblilties of what can be created are limitless.





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