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’A Brush With The Law’ Cyber Insights for 6th July from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
After a bit of deliberation and double checking that I had seen what I thought I had seen I called the Police the other night. I had witnessed a crime. Even though all the facts were there my natural law abiding mind didn’t believe that it was in fact a crime. On calling the Police I gave them all the details I had, what I had witnessed, answered all their questions and left them to deal with it. I can’t go into details as the crime in question is going to court and I’ve had to give a witness statement, but I was unsure about ‘bothering’ the Police with what I had seen. Why did I feel like that?

The popular press often informs us that law enforcement resources are overly stretched and thus perhaps I have always felt that the Police are engaged in stakeouts, or doing big drug busts and far too busy to deal with a petty crime that will only inflate the already high crime statistics. So if I feel like that reporting a ‘real’ crime, how would I feel and would I ever bother reporting a cyber crime to them, or worse a suspected cyber crime?

Put yourself in this scenario; you a middle manager of an SME and you make ‘widgets’ for some industrial process. One morning you look for your latest engineering drawings, basically your intellectual property and they have been tampered with, or have disappeared. You would probably speak to your IT provider, see what they say, perhaps they can recover them from a backup, but would it dawn on you that this may have been a cyber crime, or an attempted cyber crime, and if so would you honestly call the Police? 

If you witnessed or suffered from a cyber crime, would you actually report it to the Police? Well you should.


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