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A devolution revolution

By . December 20, 2018
The government is making movements into how the country will be operating, giving power to local authorities to improve local growth. Devolution Revolution will empower local communities to deliver growth by allowing them to respond flexibly to the specific opportunities. One of the area’s that will be affected by this is the North of England. There have been over a million private sector jobs and over half a million businesses in the North of England compared compare to London and the South East from 2010 to 1015 and the purpose for this change is to entice people to stay in local areas for employment rather than travelling to London or the South East.


Northern Powerhouse

“The Northern Powerhouse is the government’s plan to boost the economy across the North of England. It is built on the solid economic theory that while the individual cities and towns of the North are strong, if they are enabled to pool their strengths, they could be stronger than the sum of their parts. It means investing in better transport to connect up the North; backing the science and innovation strengths of the North, so that new ideas can be turned into new products and new jobs; investing in culture, housing and the quality of life to make the North a magnet for new businesses and talented people; devolving powers and budgets from London to local areas across the North, and creating powerful new elected mayors who will give people in northern cities and towns a strong voice”.

HM Treasury,


The Local Growth Fund will put money under the direct control of business-led Local Enterprise Partnerships. The government has set aside a £12 billion Local Growth Fund with £400 million being invested in SME’s.

Certes see this as an opportunity to improve the employment landscape in the north. We have already taken steps into providing Northern SME’s and larger organisations with fresh, new and highly experienced candidates to join expanding businesses in a growing region with the help of our newly opened Stoke-on-Trent office and our network of offices around the North of England.






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