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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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A Talking CV – The New Trend in IT Recruitment

By . December 20, 2018
IT Employers are often inundated with CVs, meaning they get a stack of paper to sift through when looking for the perfect candidate. How can you guarantee that it is your piece of paper they are going to look at? If you end up being the unlucky sheet at the bottom of the pile, who’s to say your impressive qualifications and hard earned experience will get the attention they deserve?

In an increasingly competitive market, it is time to think differently. The TalkingCV is a revolutionary 3 Dimensional Personal Profile, which consists of video, audio and text.

With TalkingCV you can bring your skills and attributes to life and make sure that it’s you that grabs the attention of IT employers, rather than other candidates. 

Using a webcam, you can record a structured interview, which brings to life a previously one-dimensional text-based CV.

With the ability to view the interview answers and re-record where necessary, you can make sure that your TalkingCV portrays you to your maximum potential.

Furthermore, a video based CV is a great way to put across your personality before you reach the interview stage.  Any employer will be looking for someone who is confident and can communicate well in person and a TalkingCV can illustrate this much more effectively than on paper.

 For more information on the TalkingCV, or to find out how you can record your own TalkingCV with Certes log on here: Talking CV

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