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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Advancements in communication technology improves productivity

By . December 20, 2018
It's no surprise that advancements in technology in technology and communications has made the transfer of information more streamlined. You have a document that you want to send across the country or even across the world, email it, want to contact colleagues when your out of office or on the road, use your mobile phone. This sounds pretty obvious in this tech savvy age but there was a time when sending information was a slower, laborious process.

According to Raconteur "Organisations that invest in communications technology and collaboration strategies retain staff and reap the rewards of greater productivity and innovation". The updated communications removes the long process that once plagued communication a mere 40 years ago.

The evolution in such a short time is incredible. But what is astonishing is that a large quantity of companies are still using dated technology and methods of communication filing and communication.

One  biggest communication change that has greatly improved how we exchange information is the application of mobile devices. We can do almost everything with these small devices that would once require time and money to accomplish.


Improvements in IT shows that  productive goes up overall. More can be done in a shorter window and you are not limited to by location. As IT improves and ease of completing tasks improves with it, productivity could continue to increase. 

Read full article on improved comms technology by Raconteur.




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