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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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‘Back To Basics’ Cyber Insights for 8th March from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018

A few basic cyber security measures for those of us who glaze over at the word ‘cyber’.

Start talking ‘cyber’ with somebody who has a technical background and within about 5 mins you will start to glaze over. Trust me you will, how do I know? Because I talk about cyber, I have a technical background and I have seen that look too many times!

So let’s get back to basics. This article is about 800 words in length and as the average mental reading speed is around 250 words per minute means that you can plough through this in less time than a commercial break in your favourite soap opera, or the time you wait queuing to get your skinny sugar free vanilla latte.

I’m just going to cover off on five key topics of good cyber hygiene, for you. If you remember two and take action on one then I’ll class that as a ‘win’. Here we go…


Read the rest over at Cyber Insights, brought to you by the National Cyber Skills Centre.

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