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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Big Data leading the way in 2015

By . December 20, 2018
Big Data, an enormous treasure trove of information that reveals patterns, trends and associations that the IT sector is seeing the importance of and embracing. IT recruitment has seen an exponential rise for this skill from November 2014. Big Data vacancies are growing alongside the increase in IT vacancies but from June 2015 the vacancies for Big Data roles sky rocketed and continued to be in high demand then all technology vacancies.

Along with the rise in demand, the salaries for Big Data roles have also seen an increase over the last year. In 2015, Big Data job roles saw an increase in salary of 7%, a higher change compared to other areas of IT and all other salaries.

It’s no surprise that the demand for Big Data request for higher salaries. Those with Big Data skills can charge a higher premium than other role. As the demand for these roles are high, IT staff with Big Data skills are considered to be as valuable as gold dust. This can be seen below where The IT sector (Software & Computer Services) has the biggest Big Data vacancies followed by 'Other' sectors.



Big Data vacancies has seen a spike in London and the increase has also finds its way outside of the capital and overall, Big Data vacancies in England and Wales have more than doubled over the past year.











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