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Birmingham named as the most investable city in the UK

By . December 20, 2018
Birmingham has recently been named the UK’s most investable city and the sixth best location in Europe to do business according to a new report.

The study, ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate, A Balancing Act,’ comes from a survey of more than 500 of Europe’s top real estate investment experts, who voiced their concerns about a possible property market bubble in global business hotspots such as London and Paris as being the main reason for Birmingham’s popularity.

Birmingham’s continued growth is bringing about a whole host of employment opportunities for IT professionals, providing an alternative location for career development with a lower cost of living and more accessible property market than London and the South East.

Birmingham was placed ahead of London, which came 10th in the survey, as the leading place to invest in the UK and a serious contender against other European cities

Only Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Hamburg and Athens beat Birmingham as the top places to invest in real estate, highlighting the progression that the UK’s second city has made in attracting investment that would have previously been made in London and other major cities.

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