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Brexit Shmexit

By . December 20, 2018
The morning after the Brexit vote, I like many recruiters wondered what this monuments decision meant for the industry I had worked so hard to build a business in. The day started pretty rough with what I feared would be the 1st of many calls from clients putting their recruitment plans on hold for the foreseeable future. They said it wasn’t because of Brexit but I knew it was, it had to be, Right! (What have you done Boris!)

 Uh-oh, is this going to put the brakes on what had been to date a pretty good year? The new car,... the trip to Italy,.... all gone. (BORIS!!) With my plans to cruise along the Amalfi coast in tatters, I needed to act fast. I began frantically calling my ‘hot list’ for a casual ‘catch up’ to see if I could indirectly get a gauge on how many roles they were going to pull without planting the idea into their heads. I probably did more damage to relationships than good as a nervous and weirdly enthusiastic recruiter instils confidence in nobody. I’m happy to say that was there were no more calls of that nature from clients (although I did receive a few concerned emails asking if I was OK afterwards). It turned out the role put on hold was done for legitimate reasons and had I listened to them at the time I would have saved myself a few grey hairs.

The Business Analyst market has been good since Brexit and I’m no expert on the economy but as long as businesses continue to do business the need for BA’s will remain. So to the concerned candidates who are unsure whether now is a good time to move, it’s as good a time as any.

Keep calm and carry on.

- Iton

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