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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Celebrating 17 years at Certes

By . December 20, 2018
Kate Ormsby is celebrating 17 years "wonderful years" working for Certes.

Kate started working for Certes in 1998 as a Data Inputter for CSD (Candidates Services Department), where she inputted all the candidate CV’s onto the system and skilled them in reference to Job Function and Skills.

Kate also plays a huge role with supporting the IT Manager and provides support to the all the Certes staff.  "This has allowed me to advanced my IT knowledge & skills."

While assisting in IT Support Kate moved in to Sales as an Administrator, gradually getting involved with resourcing and eventuallybeing promoted to Account Support. Kate's ambition has not plateaued during her 17 years and she is now working towards a Junior Account Manager role.

"I fell I have accomplished a great deal here at Certes, the different roles I have done and the skills and knowledge I have gained. I can honestly say I really enjoy working for Certes, it’s a great company and all the people I have worked with have been great."

Congratualtions Kate and thank you for your continued hard work. 

Certes Team

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