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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Certes rated amongst the best of the best

By . December 20, 2018
Certes Holdings Ltd has been rated among the UK's best IT Recruitment companies in an independently produced industry report.
Expertly researched by business analysts using the latest information available, the Plimsoll IT Recruitment Analysis is the definitive guide to the recruitment industry and the key companies in it. It identifies key changes in the marketplace and the intensity of competition.  Just a few key findings from the latest report include:
  • Certes is analysed, valued and rated amongst the UK’s best performing  IT recruitment agencies
  • 53 companies in our sector are in financial danger and will struggle to survive
  • One-third of companies are making a loss due to intense competition
  Each company in the recruitment market has been rated as Strong, Good, Mediocre, Caution or Danger. These ratings indicate quickly who is flourishing, who is heading for failure, what the strong are doing differently and much more. No company escapes the Plimsoll rating- 9 out of 10 companies currently in administration were rated “Danger” by Plimsoll up to 2 years prior to their demise. Speaking of the news Certes’ CEO Robert Lindsey commented ‘We’re delighted to be featured strongly in the latest report as we continue to pursue our growth strategy by offering the market a highly competitive quality service.’



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