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‘Critical Condition’ Cyber Insights for 31st August from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
Can you feel it? We are just on the cusp of change. The summer is almost done, the children will soon return to school and the business world will crank back up to full speed.

When you look back on your summer of 2016, those couple of weeks you managed to get away from it all, did you manage a quiet jog along the beach or the seafront and tell yourself that cyber security doesn’t really matter. The connection between cyber security and a quiet seaside town may seem unlikely but in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

A few of our seaside towns are the landing points for the vast undersea cables that physically connect the UK to the rest of the world. The internet, with both its good and bad points, just like invaders and settlers of the past, arrive on the beaches. The locations of these cables are, for obvious reasons, kept as secret as possible so there is precious little chance of you tripping over one, or your youngest offspring chopping through these double-armoured cables with an overly energetic use of a plastic bucket and spade combo. 

These cables are an intrinsic part of the UK national infrastructure, which in itself is a collection of assets, facilities, systems and networks that if lost or compromised would have a major detrimental effect of the integrity and delivery of essential services. At some point in the past, a list was drawn up, scenarios were played out, and protection was put in place accordingly. As the internet is now a critical communications and trading network, it is no surprise that this is as important as other infrastructure assets, such as food supply, energy and emergency services... 

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