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Desktop IT investments shift to the cloud

By . December 20, 2018
Investment into cloud application is seeing a rise. As a report from The TechTarget IT Priorities 2015 survey confirmed, IT spending on cloud computing ranked third (39%) behind spending on hardware (45%) and software (48%). Although it seems that cloud computing is lagging behind, in truth use of cloud applications for IT is gaining ground while the others are decreasing. Decision makers in the IT industry are investing a lot more into cloud applications.

The growth in cloud IT applications is an indicator that IT decision makers are becoming more confident in moving key services to the cloud. Revenues for the top 50 public cloud providers shot up 47% in Q4 of 2013 to $6.2B according to Technology Business Research, Tableau

In the same survey, 76% said they would deploy online productivity applications, 57% said they would deploy enterprise file synching and sharing services in the cloud, and 45% said they would deploy online social media tools.

The boost in cloud usage in IT can be seen in companies such as Oracle and VMware. Oracle has seen an increase in revenue from its software and cloud division in Q2 and the cloud service has seen in 30% growth with further increases in 2015 alone. VMware has been seeing a 16% year on year growth and “14% increase in product license revenues over the prior year period” say

For IT departments, streaming applications from the cloud is assisting to modernise their desktop PC environment and allows it to be more manageable and cost-effective Transitioning to a cloud-centric world will all businesses to no longer need to ...”buy hardware and software but [only] the hardware service and the software service, so system integration goes away and it becomes service integration...” explains Kevin Jackson, CEO and founder of GovCloud Network,

From the flexibility that cloud applications provide IT departments, it would be no surprise there will be more IT decision makers making the jump to using cloud based applications.

Source: ComputerWeekly, TechTarget, ForbesTableau


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