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Do contractors and agencies have a good relationship?

By . December 20, 2018
Contractors and agencies have had an increasingly strong relationship over the years and the relationship is becoming even stronger. Contractors are using agencies more and agencies are providing contractors better service in order to give contractors the best possible advice in order to secure there next contract.

A recent survey by PayStream indicates this growing strength. 1/3 of contractors use recruitment agencies when they are looking for their next role. 73% of contractors asked had positive feedback about working with agencies and continued to state that the agencies professionalism, understanding of their skills and matching their skills to roles are what sets agencies apart from their competitors.

The survey also delves into the recruiter’s side and how recruiters work with contractors. The results collected were 44% of recruiters having given contractors advice and interview preparation. However this differs from sector to sector. The findings go further to explain that around 23% of contractors would like agencies to provide them with some form of interview preparation service, although 53% where not interested.

“In light of this, agencies may want to look at offering this kind of support more often because some contractors may not appreciate the benefit of interview preparation until they’ve actually received it.” Paul Malley, Managing Director, PayStream.

84% of contractor that were offered an interview preparation service found the service to be “very useful” or “quite useful”.

“The majority of recruitment agencies (76 per cent) preferred to find out about a contractor's skills via face-to-face interviews, with 60 per cent preferring telephone interviews and 12 per cent embracing video technologies, such as FaceTime or Skype.”  via:

The relationship between contractors and agencies are being strengthened by the nature of the recruitment industry. Recruitment is a people business and contractors (along with everyone else) crave human interaction.

Certes relationship with our contractors is second to none. With excellent IT industry knowledge and a personal dedicated service from beginning and beyond your placement, Certes will help you find the right placement for you. Offering assistance such as ‘CV amendments’ and ‘Interview preparation’ done face to face or via telephone. If you’re in search for your next contract role, visit Certes for a wide array of IT contract vacancies across the UK.



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