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Does using cloud in schools pose privacy risks for students?

By . December 20, 2018
Schools are evolving with the times and adopting new technologies to present and improve the learning environment. Using cloud as part of the repertoire helps schools to not only provide a more flexible method of teaching but is also cost effective. But as with the implementation of cloud services in other sectors and industries, there are risk’s to privacy.

Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s) provides accessibility between teachers and students. Teachers can monitor the progress of students and students have quick access to test results and lesson materials.  Access to information is only available to authorised staff and students who can only gain access to their own personal accounts.

Cloud systems are also used for holding information concerning everyone in a school which includes personal and health. As with VLE’s, this information is only accessible to authorised staff.

However schools are not experts in security and feel that they are not responsible for the security of the software, this is the responsibility of the software provider. This may lead to information schools have stored being vulnerable to attacks. Computer weekly emphasises that “the responsibility is clearly shared. While the physical security aspects are the responsibility of the infrastructure providers, all the aspects related to the users’ management depends on the SaaS providers (Software as a service) and the schools. In this regard, the SaaS providers are used to deliver to schools a user with administrator privileges for managing users, delegating that responsibility to the school”.

In order to alleviate security risks, Computer Weekly explains schools should establish and comply with set rules. 

Security measures such as:

  • No information or authentication information should be stored on personal devices, such as tablets and smart phones.
  • Use one device
  • Do not surrender control of student information to third party suppliers

As with any other cloud software there are risks. To minimise the risks Schools and SaaS provides need to work together to combat the risks of vital information being put at risk.



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