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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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Fail to Plan and You’ll Plan to Fail: The Words of Warning for IT Recruiting in 2014

By . December 20, 2018
If you have spent any time in 2014 trying to fill a vacant IT position, you will have undoubtedly seen just how fast moving the market is at present.

Those organisations with structured processes, quick decision-making and clear objectives are way ahead in the attraction of new IT staff.  Having played a key role in the IT recruitment market for over 30 years, here at Certes we have seen the many peaks and troughs of the IT market. We have witnessed first hand how the sector tends to act as a reliable barometer for the wider business economy, usually leading the way in terms of confidence (or lack of it!).     

With the economy now starting to get back on track and general confidence on the increase, we are seeing demand in both contact and permanent markets at levels we have not seen since 2007.  For candidates this is a very welcome sea change, but for recruiting businesses it’s turning into a huge challenge - the race for top IT skills and talent is on and you need to be in good shape to win. 

The key is to be as prepared as possible in advance of your needs, ideally working on business forecasting and the corresponding project, team and departmental resource plans that fulfill these.  Detailed role and skill profiling and rate benchmarking will also mean that at the point when you need to go out to the market, you are ready to hit the ground running.  You will have a clear picture of who and what you need and a framework against which you and your line managers can rapidly issue considered and consistent recruitment specs, and screen and assess candidate suitability against a structured process. Getting the spec right first time is key, as is the speed at which you are able to assess CVs that hit your desk - gone are the days when you have the luxury of time when assessing candidates suitability.

In the current market, keeping informed is also a key factor in candidate attraction, keeping abreast of rate and salary levels, looking at how demand for certain skills is moving and also being aware of legislative or industry changes that are coming will all help you to be more planned and give you more insight into roles where you can expect higher levels of competition. To keep up to date with the latest industry trends sign up to the Certes 4sight review here.



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