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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail – Interview question tips

By . December 20, 2018
Preparation is the key to success. The ability to pre-empt any situation can work in your favour and in most cases can change a decision to benefit you.

Preparing for interviews should be straight forward. Research the company, research the role and compare the job specifications to your skills. But how do you prepare after you have been invited to an interview?

The Interview is a major part in whether an employer would like you to be a part of their team. It provides them with further information about your skills and a clearer insight to the type of person you are. This process is completed by asking questions, a lot of questions. So to prepare for the interview you need to think one step ahead and put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer. What details would you like to know that would get you the position?

There are a copious amount of questions that can be asked within an interview, to start off you should think of answers to the most commonly used interview questions and prepare your response.

Common interview questions to prepare for:

Common #interview question asked by employers.#recruitment

— CertesNews (@CertesNews) April 20, 2015

#Tip: Practice answering questions as though you are in an interview until you feel confident in answering questions that may come up.

In an interview the interviewer(s) may not have asked you questions you wanted asked. You should prepare a list of questions that would like answers to. There is an exhaustive amount of possible questions that you can ask and the position that you’re interviewing for can determine the type of questions that you want answered. Before hand, devise a list of questions that you would like to ask. If the interviewer doesn’t ask any of the questions on your list, this is you opportunity to reverse the roles.

Questions you may want to ask:

Questions you might want to ask in an #interview. #interviewtips

— CertesNews (@CertesNews) April 20, 2015

Remember the question portion of the interview allows the interviewer(s) to see the type of person you are as well as what you are capable of. If you fail to answer their questions your chances of leaving a memorable positive impression, being shortlisted for a possible second interview or securing the job role is greatly decreased. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.




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