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Guess who’ s a certified BRMP

By . December 20, 2018
James 'JOD' O'Driscoll has made the journey to go back to school and add to his growing arsenal of skills. After a tough exam, JOD can now proudly say that he is BRMP® certified.
James has been working the IT BRM/BP market for some time now and whilst he has seen a growth in this area as more organisations are starting to see what value IT BRM/BP functions can bring, this has also led to a number of challenges, including a lack talent and common standards. By successfully undertaking the BRMP® course James will not only have a far better understanding of the role which will allow him to have a greater insight into an individual client brief and what type of IT BRM/BP they require at that time (e.g. order taker, trusted advisor etc), but will also allow him to look outside of the “classic” candidate profile and identify those who have the required skills and behaviours (50% of an IT BRM/BP role is as we know focused on the soft, intangible skills) but don’t necessarily have the job title to go with it. Finally, by taking the course James have a better knowledge of what is involved, which has given him greater confidence to further push the IT BRM/BP community into looking at such qualifications as he retains his belief there is a need for best practise and standardisation in this area.  
I’m delighted to have passed the BRMP® course which I hope further demonstrates my commitment to this practise.  A special thanks must go to Jon Baxter from Baxter Thompson Associates who was instrumental in my ability to fully understand and pass the course.  

James O'Driscoll

From everyone at Certes we would like to congratulations JOD on his tremendous achievement.  



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