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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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‘Headlines And Deadlines’ Cyber Insights for 11th January from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018

Cyber security challenges could benefit from an utterly immovable deadline.

How are you with deadlines? Do you meet them head on each and every time, or do issues get in your way, from poor project management, lack of skills or that old bug bear procrastination? Every industry has seen major projects slip, cost overruns, products coming to market months, even years after they were originally promised. It seems that deadlines, even those that were set with the best intention, are flexible.

But what if they were not? What if the deadline for your next major IT project had an immovable date, set in stone, that no individual, company, government or deity could move? Could the collective skills, experience and determination of the IT industry hit it? Yes, it could and it has done in the past. When? Just over 17 years ago.

The Millennium Bug, or Y2K as was also called, threatened global computing systems due to a shortfall in the way it stored dates. Older computer systems stored dates as two-digit numbers instead of the four digits needed to properly represent years. This meant that they would treat the year ’00’ as coming before ’99’, then as the millennium dawned computer systems may think they were in 1900, not 2000 and would potentially crash, or at the very minimum act abnormally...


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