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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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How to Build a Brilliant IT Employer Brand on Social Media

By . December 20, 2018
It is no secret that building an appealing employer brand is key to attracting the best IT talent around and with the social media takeover that has erupted in the past few years, it is now becoming much easier to present a particular image of your company that is visible and accessible to potential employees. Here are our top tips for how to use social media to create a brilliant IT employer brand. 
1) Lights, camera, action!
Video content is a great way to bring your business, as well as your social media channels, to life. It shows you invest time and money in the image you are trying to present and that you take the business of attracting new talent seriously. Create a short film to illustrate what working life is like at your company so potential employees can get a feel for the culture. 
2) Instagram inside
Instagram is a great way to give a small snapshot behind the scenes of your business and it is also a useful tool to show your creativity! Include fun visual representations of something you are working on, or take a quick shot of something fun going on in the office – then pick your filter and get sharing!
3) Join the blogosphere 
One great way to show you are really experts in your industry is to start a company blog. Ask your employees to take it in turns to submit posts on the latest IT trends and upload them regularly. This will show that you are knowledgeable and on the ball within your chosen field. 
4) Use your own advocates 
There is no one better to promote your brand as an employer, than your existing employees themselves. Encourage them to tag you regularly in posts on social media and interact with them when they do. Every positive tweet or post from an employee is a recommendation to up and coming talent – so make sure you retweet and share their content on your pages too!
5) Make the most of LinkedIn 
There’s more to LinkedIn than just having a company page – you need to keep it updated too. Share the latest job vacancies, news and videos, so potential employees get the very latest information about your organisation.

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