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How to make an interviewer fall in love with you?

By . December 20, 2018
It’s the season of love and Valentine’s Day made everyone feel all love-y dove-y, but there are lesson to learn from this period of affection that can be used to help you secure  your next role.

It isn’t always what you know, although that is a great help. You need to make your employer fall in love with you. But how can you do that? It’s a simple task to do, so simple that you wouldn’t believe it.

If you have ever been on a date you know that everything matters in the short time that you have with the other person to make that first date turn into a full blown relationship. At this point everything you do matters, and because you are aware of this what should be simple may turn you into a babbling buffoon.


Love waits for no man

On a date you need to be at you location on time. Making your date wait shows that you are not interested. This holds true for interviews. Remember, they have made time for you so the least you could do is arrive on time. A good rule of thumb is to aim to arrive early to give you some time to gain your composure. There are situations that can’t be helped which will affect you reaching your destination on time. For this, the considerate thing to do is to notify the interviewer with plenty of warning and explain the situation. When arrive apologise for being late and show them that their time is important.


Love at first sight

Your appearance is the first thing that people see when meeting you and if you’re meeting them for the first time, this could be the difference between the interviewer taking a chance on you or waiting for Mr/Mrs Right to come along. Dress to impress.



How you interact with the employer can be a major deciding factor in how the interviewer will feel about you and you need to make a connection. The best way is to be friendly and approachable. Smile to everyone you meet and say hello. If you meet your date’s friends, they can influence how your date feels about you. When your interviewer arrives stand up to great them and shake their hand. This is the best time make small talk to break the ice. Most of all you need to be confident.


Just the two of us

Now that you and your date have met and both of you have settled, it’s time for conversation to begin. How you interact is still important at this point so continue to be polite. The interview is about you and most of the question will be towards you. Try not to make the conversation one-sided. Just because you’re in the spot light doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions. You want to find out about the company and the interviewer as much as they want to find out about you.


Bring a gift

On a date, bringing a small gesture of affection isn’t required but it’s always good in earning bonus points. Use this in you interview, your gift should be a samples or evidence of work that you have done in previous employment. Saying that you have accomplished feats is one thing, showing the evidence and explaining the results will have the interview swooning for you.

By this stage you should have the interviewer’s full attention and the chemistry between the two of you is at its peak. You have shown that you’re interested in the role and the interviewer wants you. Still you cannot be eager; one false move can destroy all your hard work that you’ve put in. If you had made a good impression and kept the interviewer interested your working relationship could begin to blossom. Many interviews may come in stages. So a few more dates/interviews may be needed to cement the deal. Continue to follow these advices and it will help to change your interview dates into a working relationship for many years to come.

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