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Increase in cyber attacks. Demand for Cyber security professionals on the rise.

By . December 20, 2018
According to an article from  “Cyber security roles account for 14% of UK-based IT jobs” and the demand for IT professionals in cyber security roles are still rising.

The last few years have experienced many global companies being targeted and attacked, compromising thousands upon thousands of sensitive customer details.

In 2014 Sony had been victims of a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack that struck Sony’s Playstation Network where millions of gamers could no longer access Sony’s online service and details of Sony Pictures employees and their families, e-mails between employees, information about executive salaries, copies of unreleased Sony films, and other information were leaked.

On August 2015, Carphone Warehouse underwent a severe cyber attack where up to 2.4 million customers’ names, date of births and bank details were compromised

Ashley Madison an ethically questionable dating site is the newest company to be in the limelight as a result of a massive security breach that saw around 37 million customer details being released out into the open.

The change to a more digital business environment involves an enormous amount of sensitive data being collected and thus companies are in constant danger of data breaches. Companies now more than ever are in need protection against this inevitable threat.

Although cyber security is a dilemma that can affect every businesses online defense, there is a currently global shortage of cyber security experts. The demand for cyber security experts is in such huge demand that some companies are offering over £100,000 per annum for someone to improve their online defense.

The UK is aware of the skills shortage and the demand for cyber security professionals has encouraged universities to offer degrees in cyber security with Staffordshire University, City University of London and Lancaster University being three of the 42 UK universities offering related cyber security degrees.


Cyber security resourcing at Certes

At Certes we’re seeing a steady increase in demand for cyber security skills and this sector looks set to become a challenging one for skills – with shortages already appearing, and rates consequently soaring.  It’s a good time to plan your cyber security resourcing for the coming quarter to be ahead of the war for talent.



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