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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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IT Careers in Focus: Analysts

By . September 2, 2019
An IT Analyst is responsible for the design, analysis and implementation of efficient IT systems. They have a clear understanding of business and technological needs and collect user feedback to further improve their systems. In addition to prioritising user requirements, an IT Analyst is also responsible for managing system upgrades and researching new tools. Therefore, this requires an analytical mind, clear communication and strength in problem solving. In terms of career experience, proven experience in a similar role and project management is essential. A BSc/BA in related courses to Engineering and Computer Science are also required, for sound knowledge in system security, databases and troubleshooting.

Job Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as an IT Analyst will cover a variety of duties and will involve communication with different teams within the business. From overseeing IT projects to compiling data into sophisticated reports, your job responsibilities as an IT Analyst may include:
  • Communicating with stakeholders on their requirements
  • Collecting feedback on system performance from end users
  • Designing, analysing and implementing technology solutions
  • Integration of systems to meet team needs
  • Analysis and development of functional specifications
  • Management and planning of overall projects
To support you in your daily work, it is also essential to keep up to date with relevant developments in technology. As well as expanding your knowledge, this may also assist you in creating more efficient and cost-effective systems for your place of work.

Possible Career Routes

There are a variety of sectors you can look in to for IT careers as an analyst. These can vary in duties, to cater to different business needs. Some roles may require you to compile data reports and train teams, whereas others may have more of a focus on customer service. Different job titles can include:
  • Service Desk Analyst
  • Data Business Analyst
  • Test and Implementation Analyst
  • Application Support Analyst
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Finance Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Evidential Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Cloud Support Analyst
  • Infrastructure Analyst
  • Network and Infrastructure Analyst

How to Apply

As IT recruitment specialists, we have the expertise to assist companies in fulfilling their staff needs. With a range of IT careers ready for applications, we can help find the right candidate for the right job. Whether you are a new graduate or a senior executive, we can help you find the next step on your career path. With a 30 year success track record, Certes is the go-to platform for careers in IT. We currently have a range of IT Analyst vacancies available across the UK ready for applicants. To apply, visit our vacancies page for more information.



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