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IT contractor jobs index plateaued in June

By . December 20, 2018
The IT contractor market has not seen any improvements in June but it has not declined either compared to results seen in May.

In REC’s (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) latest index report, the demand for IT contractors in June currently sits at 60.3 which has not moved from the previous month. A score above 50 compared to the previous month still signifies growth in the market but what is notable is that this is the first time this year that the growth rate for IT contractors flat lined.

Could the levelling off be the effects of shortages in high demand skills? Bernard Brown, partner at KPMG which co-authors the report, seems to think so and explains that “The number of skilled workers looking for new roles fell considerably…, stifling hiring activity”, he continued. “Recruiters are struggling to fill vacancies for everything from software engineers to sales.”

The IT contractor market areas that were in short supply last month were in Development, Digital, Gaming, Web, PHP and Java.

Regardless of the skills shortage, there is a positive for IT contractors who possess the skills that are in demand. The lack of skills has driven the salaries for the desired skills up. IT contractors are able to request a premium for businesses that a desperate to secure those skills. This is basic supply and demand.

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