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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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‘Lessons Learned’ Cyber Insights for 29th September from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
“Why don’t you ever learn!”, would be a familiar phrase to me as a child as I could never resist the temptation to touch wet paint just to see if it was wet or not. Of course it was wet, but why didn’t I believe it? Every time I’d touch it I’d get a small dot of white gloss on my index finger and then feel bad that I continued to ignore warnings about it being wet.

I’d have to get a bit of paint thinners, turpentine or some other chemical that I really don’t think was doing my skin much good in order to remove this visible symbol of my continuing lack of judgment. Now many decades on have I learned my lesson? Yes, but only just. Even now the temptation to ignore wet paint warnings is very strong.

In another generations time we may collectively have learned our lesson, not in the touching of wet paint, but with cyber security. If you are working at the sharp end of IT it’s unlikely that you get a chance to look back at what has come before and learn from it. IT is mainly about the next upgrade, the next technology, improving speed and efficiency, it is not an industry that is known for much reflective consideration. 

Have we learned our lessons from cyber security? Maybe not as well as we should have done.


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