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‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018
I didn’t mean to do it, I really wasn’t that interested, but the two professional looking types at the adjacent table to me in the coffee shop just couldn’t keep their business conversation to themselves. Even though I had my white Apple earbuds plugged in and to those around me would appear to have little interest in what was going on beyond the realms of my table, I heard every detailed word of a conversation that essentially should have been labelled ‘private and highly confidential’.

To distill their 30-minute conversation down to a handful of lines, they were discussing a sensitive HR issue. The core of their conversation revolved around a chap called Guy, he had done something that was leading to a disciplinary. Yet as the ‘powers that be’ had wanted to get rid of this chap for years, this was their chance. He had been an expensive hire and according to their in house measurements had failed to live up to expectations. These two individuals were negotiating a package of measures that they would present to Guy later that day, they would see him provided with a ‘pay off’, but they couldn’t use that term, a glowing reference that made no mention of this current investigation into his conduct and no doubt a warm handshake from his corporate assailants. I felt sorry for Guy, he doesn’t know what was about to come his way...

Potential cyber breaches occur every day in coffee shops all over the country.


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