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One might want to capture them all: the gamification of requirements

By . December 20, 2018
The AssistKD R&D team are constantly looking for new, innovative ways of working and thinking; especially when it comes to the world of requirements. One approach that we have seen introduced in various situations is ‘gamification’ so we wondered if some of the concepts could be combined with the activity of Requirements Engineering. Here are some of our initial thoughts penned under a working title of ‘One might want to capture them all’.

(*note to colleagues – we need a snappier tag-line!):

Sub-game: Hidden throughout this article are various placeholders, #1 to #9; can you identify the correct RE term for what is being alluded to or answer the question in each case? 


  • To capture as many different requirements (known as Rekx) as possible
  • To combine multiple similar Rekx into fewer, stronger and more robust versions


Step 1: Build your collection #1

An analyst could just sit back and wait for the Rekx to arrive, or stick to familiar routes and routines. But that way will only gather up a few, potentially weak specimens, the process is likely to take a lot longer and the analyst’s ability to capture Rekx will not improve. Taking on board the gamification approach, it is better to be a Rekx hunter! (Note: do we have a levelling system we could use to help with this activity? #2). The hunter approach might involve the following:


  • Actively seek out the Rekx. Wander the hallways, the open office landscapes and the dark caverns of the IT department looking for them. Some will be obvious while others will only give subtle clues as to their presence and might require a closer investigation to reveal and capture; these Rekx are often overlooked and can be extremely valuable #3.
  • Seek out hotspots where Rekx hunters and Rekx owners alike can congregate and share information (note: let’s call them RekxSpots). Not only can the assembled meeting be facilitated to develop a shared outlook; but the ability to capture and improve Rekx quality will also increase across the group. #4
  • The more interactive and engaging the RekxSpots, then the more productive they will be; increasing engagement with Rekx owners. Hints: typically a mix of the above techniques will be most effective. Never get too focussed on one particular kind of Rekx or on only capturing the new ones; you never know when a new Rekx may wander by or valuable detail is contained in a similar Rekx from a different source.


Step 2: Improving Your Collection #5 

By following the above advice the Rekx collection will soon swell, often to breaking point. It is worthwhile occasionally taking stock and analysing the collection so far.


  • You will quickly identify a number of very similar Rekx in your collection of varying levels of robustness. Don’t simply discard the lesser ones; there’s often something in them that can be incorporated into the best ones to make them even better.
  • These can be combined to create Super Rekx. There are likely to be fewer of these in your collection but will be of great help when organising the collection. #6
  • Look for significant gaps in the collection or the need to bolster existing Rekx through further exploration and gathering.’


Step 3: The Boss Fight stage – the final test #7
You may get to the point when you feel your collection, or a subset of it is ready for the ultimate test. At this stage you should throw your Rekx into an arena where they can be measured against challenging tests. (Note: we could call this RekxGate). How well they perform will depend on how comprehensive a collection you have built as well as how robust they are following the analysis and refinement process. We all seek validation in our day-to-day lives, and gamification should include this important step.


General hints and tips

  • Participation: It's typically better to work collaboratively within teams. As well as being more productive, the more eyes you have at work the more thorough the end result. It can also be more enjoyable, especially when it comes to a gamified activity.
  • Results improve through both application of better practice and through experience gained from practice. Always look for ways you can improve in the future.



The underlying framework (#8) for this set of activities, the cataloguing and managing your collection of Rekx needs a cool name; how about Rekx Gathering. Makes it sound too easy? How about Rekx Cataloguing. Too boring? 

Rekx Engineering that has a nice ring to it. Anyone improved on that tagline yet?

Gotta catch ‘em all? Catchy… but have we checked this out with Legal because it sounds familiar...

Anyway, I think there’s an inherent flaw in that tagline in the context of Rekx Engineering (#9); what do you think? Could this sort of Rekx gamification catch on?


Answers to the sub-game at the bottom of this page.




#1 Elicitation; #2 The Business Analysis career path and associated certifications; #3 Tacit Requirements; #4 Workshops and focus groups; #5 Analysis; #6 High level or Epic requirements for traceability etc.; #7 Validation; #8 The RE framework; #9 You’ll never catch them all (beware analysis paralysis), but have you caught enough?



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