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‘Reply To All’ Cyber Insights for 18th November from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018

Accidents can happen, but we need to learn from them.

Despite all the technological advancements of the last few centuries the scientists and engineers of this world have yet to crack the ‘if only I could turn back time by 30 seconds’ that is often needed once you have incorrectly addressed an email.

If that technology had been available, then the National Health Service (NHS) staff member who this week inadvertently sent an email to all 840,000 staff members would have been its biggest fan. As members of NHS staff then “replied to all” they further exacerbated the issue and the email system quickly ground to a halt after no doubt frustrating tens of thousands of hard working individuals in the process.

Any organisation that has a global staff email list that can be accessed by anybody, even accidentally, needs to swiftly review its email usage policies. As a former IT Manager, I often witnessed how such lists were wildly used for the most menial of messages; lost umbrellas, missing office furniture, requests for lifts to and from work, clogged up the Inboxes of everyone. When such messages are sent out to thousands of people, who in turn open and read them, the sheer loss of productivity is a compelling argument enough to apply some restrictive managerial guidelines. Used accidentally, it just cries out that there is a most basic lack of IT awareness within an organisation...


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