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Robust job market in Q2 of 2015

By . December 20, 2018
The UK has seen major declines in employment due to a long lasting recession. Now the UK job market looks to be bouncing back with a robust Q2 in 2015. Not only is the UK job market seeing an increase in employment, it has amazingly been recorded as an all time high.

Ann Swain, Chief Executive at APSCO explains “It is heartening to see that employment is continuing to rise and at 73.4% is the highest since comparable records began – and higher than the pre-downturn peak in early 2008.  This mirrors our own findings which saw a 25% rise in professional level vacancies year on year – although there was a slight cooling month on month mainly due to election uncertainty.”

A survey from CBI/Accenture employment trends 2014 explains that “50% of British businesses are planning to take on extra workers in 2015” due to the economic recovery. The recovery of the UK job market has also permitted pay increases for employees, where many companies have had to carry out pay freezes.

The drastically improved employment rate has not only affecting those finding jobs as new jobs are being created, but those who were already in jobs. The survey continues to say “UK workers are finally benefitting from a rise in real wages – where pay growth outstrips inflation – after six years of decline”.  As a result more permanent job roles are likely to be created.

Dr John Philpott has said in his Jobs Economist consultancy report “Although the pace of job creation in 2015 is likely to be slower than in 2014, a combination of strong employment growth and a return to solid real wage growth will make the coming year the best overall for the UK labour market since 2007.

On the downside Ann Swain explains the UK job market is seeing “... a 6000 quarter on quarter decrease in staff employed by the public sector - the lowest figure since comparable records began in 1999 – with the increased pressure on our public services this is a worrying trend.” However Dr John Philpott explains that although the employment in the public is declining “around half a million new roles will be created by private companies.”

Employers are trying to fill new vacancy that are appearing due to the economic up turn. Certes have a huge database of companies who are looking to fill new IT positions and in both public and private sectors.


Source: Apsco


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