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Social media VS Job Boards – The future of Recruiting

By . December 20, 2018
From social media’s humble beginnings as a way for friends to keep in contact with each other and share online content, social media is fast becoming a tool that all businesses use. So it’s no surprise that the fast, wider reaching tool is now being used as a method of recruitment, but can recruiters focus their strengths on using social media platforms as their recruitment tools and forget about using traditional procedures such as job boards?

According to (LINK) a huge quantity off recruiters use social media “61.5% use LinkedIn, 30.7% use Facebook, 23.1% use Twitter, and only 7.7% are using only job boards” it’s clear to see that social media is becoming the ‘go to’ platform for recruiters with LinkedIn sitting high on the top spot . LinkedIn possess many benefits for recruiters being “very similar to a standard job board... it provides more insight on a candidate’s interests and views based on groups they join, articles they read, or even articles they may write.” (LINK).

A recent study (LINK) shows that 73% of recruiters have hired candidates from social media, and 79% of those candidates came from LinkedIn. The study also continues to explain that 93% of recruiters review a candidate's social profile before making their final decision.

Can social media provide good quality candidates? Software Advice (LINK) an HR Technology review company’s finding’s shows that LinkedIn provides 40% High quality candidates compared to Job Boards who provide lower high quality candidates, under 20% lower than LinkedIn.

 Source: Recruiting software review company Software Advice

Though the research has placed using social media in high regards this does not mean that traditional job boards should be forgotten. Job boards still provide high quality candidates to clients. Using both means is advantageous but the success of social media will depend on the role and the industry.


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