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Digital Transformation Through Agile Delivery
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‘The Bounty Hunter Cometh’ this weeks Cyber Insights from The National Cyber Skills Centre

By . December 20, 2018

How many cars does Uber own in order to maintain its current value of over $60 billion? How many rooms does AirBnB own? The answer to both is zero. In this day and age utilising the skills and equipment of a wider community is cutting-edge business thinking. This crowd source approach, which was spearheaded by KickStarter and then morphed into the sharing economy with Uber and AirBnB, can teach those who are wrestling at the sharp end of cyber security a thing or two.


Software has vulnerabilities in it : Bugs; legacy code, shortfalls are all hidden away in there. Why? Because it is still primarily hand written, crafted by individuals and teams who are forever adding new functionality to capture our imagination. All of this software running on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet is not finished, not yet. It’s good enough for release and as and when issues are found the software company will issue updates in the form of software patches. This process relies on those bugs being reported, logged, evaluated, verified and then assigned to usually a relatively small team of engineers who will labour to their best of their ability in order to resolve them.

Companies who integrate many different software platforms, from firewalls and virus control to their choice of email service or cloud provider, equally has collective vulnerabilities. Their corporate software ‘footprint’ will be unique to them. A combination of hardware and software that will not be replicated exactly anywhere else. Hence their vulnerabilities will be equally unique. Here again a relatively small team of engineers will be diligently working to maintain uptime on all systems, patching where needed, keeping their own IT monster under control...

There are thousands of highly skilled engineers out there willing to squash bugs and plug security holes - for a price! 


Read the rest over at Cyber Insights, brought to you by the National Cyber Skills Centre.

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